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Short Breaks & Respite

A range of Opportunities for Short Breaks, Respite  Care & Support

Short Breaks & Respite

Short Breaks

All disabled children and young people should be able to enjoy high quality, inclusive activities and breaks in their community.

Find Short Breaks

We offer tailored short breaks – sometimes known as respite – for disabled children, young people, adults and carers. A short break is a chance to do something different. They also give families a break from providing care.

Have new experiences

Choose from a wide range of breaks and activities that offer different experiences – it can be an opportunity to make new friends or just time to rest.

Take advantage of our flexibility

Because we see the whole person and focus on what you want to achieve, we can meet a broad range of needs – whether that’s at home, in the community or at one of our residential services or schools.

Become more independent

We support you to gain greater independence through having new experiences. We work closely with families to develop resilience, confidence and choices

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